Gossip Girl Anyone??

Okay I have written about this in the past on other blogs, and I am seriously confused.  I did not hear any feedback about this television series.  I have been watching the show, now in it’s fifth season, and from the beginning I watched 15-16-17 year olds having drinks at the bar?  Hunh??  Really?  Don’t get me wrong I really like the show, it’s funny, it’s entertaining, I absolutely love Blair, BUT… this drinking thing is WRONG!  It does not send a positive message to young kids today.  These kids are going to get the message that drinking is a “Normal” thing to do at whatever age.  Hmmm …  the next time your in the kitchen and you see your child mixing a generous amount of Vodka and a little lime, don’t wonder if he or she asks  “a mojito mom?”   Call me crazy, but I find it very odd to see this, and not just once but practically every episode.

 Hey… did I miss something? or  Did the United States change their legal drinking age ???    Confused…


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