Kids Party Pax

Just another one of my great passions…  throwing those awsome kid themed parties.  I have done tons and tons of themes.  From “Survivor”,  “Spa-Day”,  “Super Model”, “Hawaiin Beach Party”, I could go on and on.   I am going to showcase some of those parties here.  I will also be offering them as “Party Pax”.  You will get all the information on  “HOW-TO”  do everryyyything.  The Theme,  The Games (with instructions on creating anything for that game and how to play),  The Prizes,  The Loot Bag Goodies,  Awesome Recipes,  The Cake (or cupcakes), absolutely all you will need to know to throw your amazing day.

I hope to even have video segments.  My parties usually last a good  4 to 8 hours and I even have the sleepover ones.  You can even get the Birthday Boy or Girl involved with helping you out.  My Themed Party Pax  are always the parties that are talked about forever and forever.  But the best thing….  A most memorable  and incredibly fun party event!!

Keep your eye out, I plan to have some news coming soon.


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