Week Number 3

Well this is week number three and I still have that  GO GO GO  attitude for working out with Beach Body’s  P90X.  I am still luving it, however I do a skip a day here and there to avoid those oh sooooo sore limbs.  But it feels great.  I feel I have so much more energy, and that means getting MORE DONE, WOO HOO for me.

Tomorrow I am gearing up for more biking, that really gets me in shape, although my butt hurts , Oooops!  Do those padded biker shorts really help or will I look totally weird?  Anybody?  Help! I will more than likely post some more photos sometime tomorrow.  Expecting some nice weather, I hope it’s not windy like today, that will be horrible for going up hill, eeeeks!   I plan to also upload another great recipe, some of you probably more than likely have made your own version of this, however stay tuned for later on and I will let you know all about it.  

Enjoy this wonderful day Peeps!!!  😀



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