Will this ever end???

I worked another day in the yard and gardens.  It seems it is never going to get done (what a winter can do to your gardens).   I still have half the yard to finish and then the front and sides Hunh!!??  As the bags line the driveway in zillions I am beginning to wonder if I should get a smaller place!  Hahahaha   Looking at the bare gardens now only brings hope to the blooming plants and flowers that will soon emerge from the perennials I have planted over the years.  I think I am going to get creative and make a stepping stone for this corner garden…  I am also going to have to purchase a new birdhouse as the one that use to hang under the pine tree has taken many more a beating from those pesky but oh so cute squirrels with their fluffy tails, how can something       so adorable be so destructive just to get some seeds and nuts?!  They do not like to share…

I did have some help, or NOT, seems this helper was more interested in frockling in the flowers (good grief).

I took a few shots.  Not that there is much yet, a few sprouting plants.  Will post new pics as the weather gets warmer and more things start to pop up.  I will soon start to do some of my flower pots as well and will post some pics of those as well.  Would love to see pics of other peoples floral creativity, maybe I can get some ideas.  Have a lovely day!  😀


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