Game of Thrones


Another Televised series I have begun to watch (I know I know I watch a lot of tv right?  well I am also an iron nut, so what else am I supposed to do while I iron away).  Wow, I do love these medieval based series, I watched the entire Tudors series, Camelot (although I was extremely disappointed there would not be a second season, oh poo I really did enjoy Morgan and all her nastiness). And I just love all these original costumes, I get tons of ideas for my own costume making.

So now it’s “Game of Thrones”, a medieval fantasy television series that is quite graphic and the young should not, in my opinion watch it.  I am not far in the series but I do find it very interesting and there is a second season happening as of now.  To just imagine what these soldiers had to endure and live with.  Not like today when a bullet hits you and you had no idea it was coming.  It must have been a very scary and brave thing at the same time.  I am enjoying the character Eddard Stark  (Sean Bean),   “Kahleesi” Daenery’s Targaryen  (emilia Clarke)  and  Catelyn Stark  (Michelle Fairley),  I like many of the characters but these three seem to be very strong and influencial.   And of course we have the Queen B Cersei Baratheone Lannister  (Lena Headey),  what would a good medieval tale be without one of these?!  I also have to mention the “Imp”  Tyrionne Lannister  (Peter Dinklage),  he has me going everytime, he is a hoot and a laugh to boot.  And what can I say about “prince Joffery”  (Jack Gleeson)…  I think those of us who watch the show, know what to think and say about him LOL (he does play his part well).   This young fireball girl has the energy of no other…  “Arya Stark”  (Maisie Williams),  I am sure she will hit the battlefields any day now.  I invite you to watch, I think it’s a great series and has all the entertainment attributes you may be looking for (other than the gore) I think it’s great!  (so far…)


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