Pretty Little Liars

This tween-teen television series has left me, hmm bored?  I watched the entire 1st season and joined in on the second season and I don’t know, I am disappointed.  After reading that the story line would not be like the books,  I am hearing it seems it’s pretty close, so TO BE or NOT TO BE?  I guess I will tune in to see the end of the second season but I feel like a dog chasing it’s tail after watching the episodes, makes me feel like I am walking in a circle and I wonder where it’s taking me.  I have not read the book, maybe I will.  I hear everyone saying Allison has a twin (how many times has that storyline been played), that  it’s Jenna, who knows.  I will guess, I will wait and June is soon around the corner for the third season so I will have to quickly catch up, hahaha.

Here’s a poll… Let me know who you think ” DUNNIT”


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