Back To Business…

Haven’t been posting much this past weekend.  Was away on a shopping trip.  So this week I plan to get organized and get things DONE!  Some sewing, some crafting… well a bunch of this and that and absolutely get back to doing some cooking!  The weather has been horrendous here (well the weekend I heard was great, but I was not here, Figures!).  So now it seems it is rainy and cold out AGAIN! and I wonder if the gardens will ever get finished??  Hopefully this week, even if I have to get out my rainboots.   

I am also on week number 5 of my P90X, still going at it.  I feel I have trimmed up and lost those nasty muffin tops!  Yeayyyy for my effort!  Plan to make a grilled salmon on the BBQ tonight (even if it continues to rain), and I will definitely post some pics.   Just thinking about that salmon is making me hungry, Ooops!

Have a great day in blogging land!!!


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