Wedding Table Number Cards…

Finally finished all the wedding table number cards for my nieces wedding, which is in about 3 weeks.  Weddings certainly keep you busy with all the planning.  I don’t mind, I love to do crafty things and I love to help out.  I had 15 of these cards to complete.  I used a 15″ (inch) silver stand  that I purchased from Lions Deal Restaurant Supplies (on Amazon),  they were the best price, paying only $2.99US each.  Shipping was reasonable.  I used the 15″ stand because I wanted her guests to actually see the table numbers and not have to search for it on the table.  I also made the cards double sided with pictures and the table numbers, so on card number 1 for example, each side of the card has pictures with the table number  so it can be viewed from both sides  and all the guests get to see a picture.  I used the groom and brides pictures (black and white photos)  from young to date.  I purchased glittery black cards and cut them to size.   The glitter was annoying at times, because it falls off, but in the end I love the sparkly look of them, and when the light hits the glitter it looks amazing at night.  I made the silver metallic frames to go around each picture.  And I purchased pre-cut fancy frames for the number area, which I glued 2 together so I could have the numbers on each side.  I used silver embossed sticker numbers (Martha Stewart).  I lined the number frames with an edge of    silver metallic marker (permanent) and then I made a smaller fine line inside the silver one with  black marker (permanent), just to define it.  I think they turned out great!  They were pretty easy to make, if you have some patience and time.   (*Note:  Use a glue stick, as using regular liquid glue may result in the cardboard warping or bubbling).



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