Cafe Cappuccino Ice Cap

Another great summer drink I like to make is the Iced Coffee Drink.  If you are a coffee lover, and are in need to cool off on a hot summer day, try these.  I think homemade are the best!


–   1 Cup Cold Black Coffee  (brewed is best, you can adjust how light or dark you like it by adding more or less coffee).

–   3/4 Cup Cream 15%  (you can use half and half, 10%, even milk or skim milk, your drink will just not be as rich or thick).

–   2 Tblsp. Sugar (you can use more or less, depends how sweet you want your drink)

–   Lots of ice!

–   Some whipped topping.  Makes about 4 servings (6 if they are not too big!)

In a Blender, add the first four ingredients.  Use the ice crush setting and then blend.  Pour into prepared glasses and top with a dollop of whipped topping.   Awwww heaven….


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