Mojito’s For Kids Parties

For my Survivor themed kids party last weekend, I made up a batch of Mojito’s (Of course with NO Alcohol, although at 2:00 in the morning listening to the noise they were making in the tents, I think my neighbours wished I would have put a shot or two of rum in the drinks, maybe they would have slept better!  Ooops hahaha).  I used cute little blue martini glasses (plastic, no injuries here),  the girls loved them, they were asking for more!


–  7-up or Sprite 2Litre Bottle

–  Our Finest Mojito Mocktail  (3 Cans 250ml each)

  about 3 cups ice

–   Sliced Limes

–   Mint Leaves

Put the first three ingredients in a blender and blend, you can use the ice crusher setting first and then blend.  Pour into your prepared glasses and top with a sliced lime and mint leaf, awwww so refreshing and citrus on a hot day!      🙂



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