Party Games Survivor Style

We had a “Survivor” Themed Party here last weekend.  I just wanted to share a game that I crafted up, a game that we are all familiar with,  adults and kids alike.   The Memory game, survivor style.  I am sure we have all seen the “Survivor Memory Game” played on the television series, although that game is more technical in it’s layout, this game is more simple and you can do it right at home!  


–   Black foam cardboard (the pieces you need depends on how many boards you want to make.  I cut my boards to 11″x9.25″  inches).

–   Shipping Tape in Clear (it’s easier if you have a tape gun, and this step is optional)

–   Colour Printed Photos (the same size as your board, and you need 2 of each design.  I went with a survivor theme for picture choices).

–   Glue Stick  


Cut out all your boards.  You can make them bigger, you can make them smaller, it’s all up to you.  Just make sure they are all the same size.  Cut out all your pictures to the same size as the boards.  (I had 24 pictures in total).   Glue each picture with the glue stick to the foam board.  If you are not using the shipping tape, you will have to use quite a bit of the glue stick to make sure the pictures are glue properly to the board.  When the boards are completely dry, I carefully taped the entire board with shipping tape, front and back, this protects my “Memory Game” for many future uses at other parties.   It is less costly than having them plasticized (which is another good idea).  When setting up your game, remember to either set up the boards facing down all horizontally or all vertically.  I played this game in teams, our survivor party had “Two Camps”, each team was timed, and whoever completed the game the fastest, WON!  

This is a great easy game that everyone has fun with.  You can always change your pictures to match whatever theme you are doing. 


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