Wedding Purse Pink Perfection

I looked everywhere….  store after store for the perfect PINK purse.  I couldn’t find one, and as the time passed by (the wedding is tomorrow)  I became delirious that I would not have a purse to hold my goodies (you know how a woman is?  make-up..brush..hairspray..hand lotion..kleenex..hand sanitizer..gum..the kitchen sink and oh yeah MONEY in that tiny purse!)   To make things short, I decided that if I could not find one, I would make one.  This is what I have been working on this week along with all my OTHER stuff.  I wanted something very simple, elegant, a satin and a clutch style and of course PINK!  This is what I came up with.  

My pretty Pink Purse.  When I saw the fabric, I knew this would be it.  You can remove the flower accessory or keep it on.  It’s hard to take the picture,

the pink is much prettier in person, and when I saw the flower it was “Calling” out to me “… ” I would look grand on your pink purse?!”  Oh my yes you do!


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