Evolution of a Cell Phone

I was laughing the other day thinking about how things have changed from when I was younger, to how it is today.  Of course cell phones popped up into the conversation,  I mean I see them everyday ALL DAY, and I wanted to see how they have evolved.  OMG!  The first cell phone,  (I could not stop laughing)  if I had one it was definitely bigger than my head, but I am sure those “First” people to use it  (definitely needed a major case to carry those things around, LOL), must have thought they were soooooooo cool  “Hey man, look at me, ugh yeah… I’m so cool”.

Movie with first cell phone “Wall Street” 1987
The “Brick” cell phone weighed 30 ounces!

 If you look at them back then and now today, wow I am just waiting for one that comes out the size of a credit card and just as slim, hmmm one day, just pop it into your wallet.  

Like everything in this world we evolve…    


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