In Need of a Facelift?

So here is the picture of all the chairs that I really hope to work on this upcoming week, that is if the weather cooperates with it’s much nicer cooler sunny days.  The humidity the last few weeks has been horrendous!  And since this is an outdoor project, I am looking forward to not so hot days.  These chairs really need some TLC, okay okay so they REALLY need a facelift, uhaul whatever you want to call it, but they certainly have seen their days, but after I am done with them, they will see many more days to come.  I plan to use a shabby chic painted look, not too much just to enhance them a bit.  Not sure about colours yet, but when I get to that I will figure it out, if anyone has any ideas, they are most certainly welcome …  (I wonder how many butts have sat on these chairs LOL!).   So stay tuned for an updated, shabby chic look.

Ugh!   these are going to take more work than I am anticipating! ……  Ya Think!?


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