Doll Starz

Wow!  More dolls have been added to the BC shop.  I am amazed at how fancy some of these dolls are.  Their sparkly and glittery dresses, the sky-high pumps, Barbie certainly is living the life of a Rock star.

Just in a few days ago are the  “Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie doll”  and the “Stephen Burrows Pazette Barbie doll”.  All dolls are pre-orders.   I will more than likely purchase the dolls, but I have to say the dolls are getting pricier and pricier every day.  The Blonds Blond Barbie is selling at $125.00 USD and the SB Pazette Barbie is going for $100.00 USD, both in the BC shop.  I have to wait until December to receive the Blonds Blond doll, and I am very anxious to see her, Phillipe and David Blond are world renowned designers, and of course I am not surprised to see Barbie doll adorned in the skimpiest of mini dresses encrusted with all the sparkly diamonds and a gorgeous full length fur (faux of course!) with a hot pink lining , they are known for that, amazing corsets as well.  They project a very glamorous rock star look.   Stephen Burrows was  the first african american designer to achieve international acclaim.  The Pazette Barbie seems to be wearing a mesh catsuit or body suit encrusted yet again with sparkly diamonds and silver pailettes.  Her see through vest also has a trim of glitter and fluffly boa trim, hmmm I am anxious to get her as well, I am sure the gems are all glued, for $100.00USD I would like to see a bit of sewn on crystals, but I will still get her!  LOL!   I find the Pazette doll reminds me very much of the “Cher, Bob Mackie turn back time 80’s doll”,  just saying.

The Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie

Stephen Burrows Pazette Barbie

80’s Cher Barbie
(by Bob Mackie)


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