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Have your Skateboard and Eat it Too!

Another day…another cake!  Village Sweets was at it again, this time our “Theme” cake was inspired for a skateboarder, and his favorite color is cherry red, so a cherry red skateboard it was going to be.  After figuring out how we wanted the design to look, it was time to make sure the design would hold up.  Our skateboard has a ramp, cool wheels and a great design for Gab.  An all edible Red Velvet Skateboard cake with Vanilla Butter-cream frosting, covered in a cherry red fondant.  HaPpY BiRtHdAy GAB!  Hope you love your cake!!

Red Velvet Skateboard Cake with Ramp

Red Velvet Skateboard Cake with Ramp

Buffet Side Table Given A New Life

Another project finally completed!!  Took many weeks (okay months…) to get done but I am so happy with the final look of my buffet side table.  Originally teak, yes it was nice, but hohumm kind of boring and I really loved the piece but I wanted a shabby chic look to it.  The preparation was what took so long, the sanding, the sanding and yeah the sanding (and I HATE sanding), BUT you have to do it, and look what you get, marrrrvelous.  Well I think it looks great anyways. 

I achieved this look by removing all the hardware (bought some new cool knobs in a brushed silver contemporary look),  I even took off the doors, I had to shave the doors upper edges because the doors just would not close properly.  I then removed those nasty metal floor protectors on the bottom of the legs (I don’t know who thought metal was going to save their floors?  I purchase some nice new plastic with felt nail-ons to replace them and boy are they nice, so much easier to move the buffet now).  Next was the sanding, and this part takes looooong, real long.  I started with an 80 grit sand paper and moved on to a 100 grit.  I re-sanded with a 150 and then washed all the buffet with a damp cloth to remove all of the dust.  I applied my first coat of “Painter’s Touch” satin paint in ‘Heirloom White’.  Water based paint so clean up is simple.  I applied a thin coat of paint, let it dry completely and sanded with a 400 grit sandpaper, remove dust with a damp cloth.  I repeated this step 3 more times.  Then I used a 150 grit sandpaper to sand off some of the paint here and there until I was happy with my “Shabby Chic” look.  I used a damp cloth to remove any dust and applied two coats of “Saman” satin water based varnish.  Again when the varnish was completely dry, I used a 600 grit sandpaper and lightly sanded the entire buffet and wiped it down with a clean damp cloth.   Should be smoother than a baby’s butt!  I lined the end cabinets with some pretty wallpaper.  I also lined the top flatware drawer with some black velvet.  Now to get started on the matching Dining room table and chairs  Whewwwww…   😀

Here’s my before and after shots:

Teak Buffet Side Table            "BEFORE"

Teak Buffet Side Table

cupcakesn 002

buffetreno 008buffetreno 004

Christmas Baking…In October?

Yup!  A week of baking for Village Sweets.  We have been busily baking Fruitcakes for the Christmas season.  after months of testing out our own creation,  we have come up with one we are most delighted with.  It is absolutely delicious. Filled with tons of fruits and nuts, it is quite scrumptious.  We are offering our Fruitcakes in a med-light or dark cake and also your choice of Rum or Brandy.  We have two sizes, a 6″ round over 4 pounds and an individual Fruitcake (for those of you who don’t want to share)  4″ approx. 1 pound.  Get one of our Fruitcakes elegantly covered in Fondant and impress your guests or host (hostess),  makes a wonderful gift and are great to serve at your holiday parties.

Fruitcake elegantly covered in Fondant.

Fruitcake elegantly covered in Fondant.

Beautiful Decadent Rum Fruitcake

Beautiful Decadent Rum Fruitcake

Halloween Once Again…

Halloweenie time again!  Seems it rolls around faster and faster every year.  I had an amazing weekend, Saturday was absolutely beautiful out so it was time to do my photo shoot with some fantastic models modeling  some of my costumes.

The fall backdrop was just gorgeous, and the warm weather just made it a perfect day.  Will have to start my Halloween decorating too, hmmmm maybe something scary for the kiddies…

Corpse Bride 4 piece ensemble.

Corpse Bride
4 piece ensemble.

costumes1 008costumes1 011costumes1 014costumes1 001costumes1 005

Woman's Pirate Costume Blue Velvet-Blue Satin Leather and Lace

Woman’s Pirate Costume
Blue Velvet-Blue Satin Leather and Lace

Woman's Gypsy Costume Velvet - Satin - Brocade
Woman’s Gypsy Costume
Velvet – Satin – Brocade

costumes 001

All my costumes are available at  my shop “Peonie’s Closet”