Cottage Life…Simply Beautiful

My best buddy and I headed up to my cottage yesterday for simply, a day off.  Got on our bikes and headed out for an early ride. OMG!  It was just beautiful.  Okay, yeah there is still lots of snow, but we just couldn’t wait.  We couldn’t ask for a better day.  Here in Québec it has been a long long, did I say long? Long winter.  It was wet and it was muddy, but I was just loving it.  We checked out some trails that we will be venturing on in the spring (if we get a spring?) summer and fall.  The Aerobic Corridor trails look like it will be very challenging, can’t wait!  And the great thing is….it’s Free! (For biking and hiking that is, fees for xcountry skiing and snowshoeing). The Lac-Des-Seizes-Iles lake is still pretty frozen, but I am just itching for a day to stick the boat in the water and simply having nothing to do but enjoy a lazy day on the lake!

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