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I can smell summer

Back at the cottage!  The snow is still lingering, but much of it has melted.  The lake still grips its icy form but I am sure in a few more weeks it will all be gone and more fun boating adventures will begin.  It was a perfect day, a little cool but biking is so much more enjoyable on cooler days than those hot steamy ones.  I love being up north, it’s sooo quiet and peaceful…stress? Doesn’t exist here.  I could not have asked for a better day!  After a few hours of exploring and biking all the hills I was ready to relax on the deck, take some sun and enjoy the amazing views.

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Blast Of A Day!

The weather was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !! today.  Was up early, 5:15am.  Did the usual routine crap and then it was off for a bike ride at 7:00am, woohoo it was the perfect day for it.  Cool temps this morning, just the way I like it for these kinds of activities, not to mention after the bike ride was stopping by the garden centre for bags of composted soil to start my small front yard rejuvenation.  I posted some before pics of what the front area looks like as of now and I will post more pics when I am done doing whatever has to be done, LOL!  

We started transplanting some “Greshem” and “Snowmound” bushes that had been planted about 5 years ago, oh geez they were a lot of work to get out and haul to their newly found places, but I am sure they will be more happy in their new spot.  So after close to 6 hours of work and many scratches and cuts later, we got 5 bushes done out of 10, Oooops.  Oh well guess Friday will be another day.  Right now it’s time for some poolside activities, or should I say some lounging on the lounge chair with a “Hampton Peach Razz Delight” drink on ice.  

“Whatchaaaaa doing?”

Can you spot the REAL Playboy Bunny ??!! 










Hampton Peach Razz Delight







Oh Canada !!

Ahhhhh another glorious summer day and on CANADA DAY too!  Woohooooooo that meant  B-I-K-I-N-G!!   Was incredibly hot in the sun, but in the shade of the woods it was amazing!   I can’t believe this is right in my backyard, so to speak.  And it’s F-R-E-E!  Am I lucky or what?!   Brought along a nice french baguette…. ooohh the duckies are in for a treat!   

Biking break at the dock (heehee)

QUACK QUACK! More bread please… And Make It Quick Already!! 😀



Bike Trails Galore

Last weekend I blogged about an amazing biking day we had and the some trail pathways that were being updated.  I am updating with some photos’s of the finished trails and all new bridges.  OMG!  It’s gorgeous!  We are having another great weekend here, the weather has just been great.  Was kind of hot and muggy but once we entered the forest it was nice and cool.  I have to say the work is completed here on the trails, and the bridges are all installed.  Everything is soooooooooo nice!  The trails are even better now!  I just LOVE IT!  I am so happy that this is all right out my front door…  and it’s FREE!!!!   How can anyone beat that!   You have to take advantage of what nature brings you and I am definitely taking advantage.  I am so happy I purchased my bike one year ago and I am able to  do this.  Get out, get active and have fun!!  And did I mention it’s F-R-E-E !!

We took a break and had some refreshing yogurt raspberry ice cream, high on the raspberries…Delish!!








Amazing Biking!

Had an amazing weekend!  Went biking and I am so excited that they are refurbishing some of the bike trails and they are going to be FANTASTIC!  I can’t wait for it to all be finished.  Had to carry the bike over a some built and patiently waiting to be installed bridges…  but it was so much fun, ahhh I love the forest!  The smell, the views… just everything about it is breathtaking.  Took some “BEFORE” shots and will post some “AFTER”  shots as soon as I can.

Went for a small break at a dock and sunned myself (heeheehee).  Noticed there were tons of Tadpoles, and they were HUGE, I don’t know what they have been eating…or maybe it’s something in the water!  Hmmmmm

Bike Travels…

Got in a day here and there to bike the trails.  Hard to find the time when you are busy doing too many things LOL!   The weather here has been pretty bleak as I have mentioned on more than one occaision.  You have to find time for yourself to do the things you enjoy.  

I also want to wish all the amazing MOTHER’S a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!  You so all deserve it!  You work hard, all day,  all year after year, so take the time this day to enjoy something YOU really like, all to yourself.  Forget the work and just relax, even if it means lying on the couch day dreaming for an hour or two.