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Summertime Hair Accessories

Been working on hair scrunchies for my Etsy shop.  With summer almost here we’ll have to get our our pretty hair accessories and for keeping the hair off your face and neck are some cool scrunchies.  Will soon be listing more colors and patterns.  


Summertime Trend Hair Accessories

Summertime Trend Hair Accessories

Collar Accessory

Have been in a sewing mood lately….  Today I made a pretty fashionable collar using fine Bridal Satins and Laces.  I think it’s pretty anyway, lol.  Available in my Etsy shop.  They called for rain today, which is why I sat myself down at my machine early.  It is looking sunny/cloudy with no sight of rain…yet.  I often wonder if those weathermen/women know what they are talking about?  I havesent a link for some weather entertainment below.   Hmmm what do I make next, my sewing machine is calling!


Fashion Collar Accessory. Light Coral color.

Fashion Collar Accessory.
Light Coral color.

A little weather humor from Canada for your entertainment, please watch this video “Rick Mercer Report”    🙂