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Tiki Themed Card Box

Made a card box this weekend for an engagement party.  The theme was Hawaiian, so I went with a Tiki looking box.  I purchased a sturdy box from the dollar store with a removable lid.  Cutting the “slot” was a little difficult, but I managed.  I wrapped the box and the lid in burlap and secured it with glue.  I also glued two pretty shells to the lid.  I purchased two lei’s and cut the string. With the loose petals I attached several together to make a more full flower and sewed a few stitches, this made it so much quicker to just have one big flower to glue to the box lid.  I then glued one jeweled stone to the center of the flower.  I also purchased some bamboo sticks, they were great and so easy to cut.  Glue the bamboo pieces to the box and Voilà!  My Tiki Themed Card Box at a small cost of $12.06 and took about 2 hours to make… Woohoo!

Tiki Card Box

Tiki Card Box

Garden Pretty

The joys of gardening….  I do like to tend to my garden (which has been really hard to even get started this summer), but I admit I can sometimes be very lazy about actually “tending” to it, I just hate weeding and sometimes it gets the best of me to get motivated.  I actually got out the shovel, the rake and bags of earth to start a project that I was supposed to do last year, oh well.  I spent hours at the garden center trying to pick what I envisioned to be my little forest of greenery and flowers, well my mature garden, which in the pictures will look so different in 2-3 years.  I usually stick to planting perennials, only annuals for a few pots here and there.  Digging and turning the earth is hard work!  I am pooped, and my space was only about 20 feet x 3 feet.  I am pretty happy with the results, but I will have to keep my eye on my greenery (Ferns) since I have more sun shinning on them, then what I had thought back at the garden center.  Here’s a few pics to maybe inspire all you gardeners out there!





Pretty Accessories for your Desserts

My sister and I recently embarked on starting a new venture called “Village Sweets”.   I have been so busy with this project that my blog has been temporarily neglected, (not to mention my gardens  😦  Oooops!).   Once things  get ironed out,  I can start getting back on track with my routine again, but new things always keep me busy and being busy means business… I hope.

We have been taking classes since the spring and we will soon finish them, knowledge is power right?   So what is Village Sweets?  It’s a cake and dessert business.  We are focusing on weddings, parties and special events and of course our favorite, children’s parties.  Creating unique cakes, cupcakes, cake pops,  favors and flavors  are what we specialize in.  We have also been creating beautiful edible Royal Icing flowers to decorate those special desserts. What I love about these flowers is they can last forever if you store them properly in an air-tight container away from light and heat.  They come in amazing styles, colors, and sizes.  They make beautiful accents to your wedding favors and wedding cakes.   Adding a pretty sugar flower to your dessert just makes it pop, makes it special.  How is this any different from when you go out?  You throw on a scarf?  Jewelry?  well my motto is,  I want my desserts or cupcakes to walk the runway (or your dining room table) looking as divine as ever!  You can visit our Etsy shop!

Pretty cakes and cupcakes all dressed up!

Pretty cakes and cupcakes all dressed up!



Coral Hibiscus Flowers

Coral Hibiscus Flowers

Red Velvet Petit Fours with Cream Cheese Frosting and Delicate Rose

Red Velvet Petit Fours with Cream Cheese Frosting and Delicate Rose

Back In The Garden

I was back in the garden doing a bit more work… I have noticed many plants growing quickly from just a few weeks ago.  New growth is so nice to see.  I     think with all this rain we have been getting may be just what the plants need.  I only got one day of work this week as the weather has just been  horrible once again.  I am not big fan of  working in the rain, I will if I have to, but most times I have other things to get done rather than being pelting on.  I am almost done the backyard, I worked on the side gardens trimming away the old so the new can pop up.  I already have flowers showing themselves, which was enjoyable.  I can’t wait for the rest to bloom.  The pool is coming along and I see swimming and pool games in the forecast, woohoo!

 In my midst of cleaning, I had a wooden cottage like birdhouse that looked like it had been hit by a tornado, chewed to bits, and the door hanging off, oh those darn squirrels.  This time I purchased 2 metal ones, lets see those squirrels try to chew that.  I hung my new birdhouses proudly and wait to see birds flock to them.  I scattered some seed on the ground so the squirrels may enjoy nibbling there rather than try to hog the feed in the houses. 

I am still trying to decide what I should do with an area in the yard, lay some new sod with a  water feature?  maybe a fountain?  a vegetable garden?  I am kind of liking that idea, some cherry tomatoes, shallots, garlic, ohhh so many good things to plant, hmmm the possibilites are endless.  If I am planning a veggie gardenI think I better hurry before the season is over, I know how time can suddenly get the best of you!

Victoria’s Garden


Hillary’s Garden with Mosaic Birdhouse

Will this ever end???

I worked another day in the yard and gardens.  It seems it is never going to get done (what a winter can do to your gardens).   I still have half the yard to finish and then the front and sides Hunh!!??  As the bags line the driveway in zillions I am beginning to wonder if I should get a smaller place!  Hahahaha   Looking at the bare gardens now only brings hope to the blooming plants and flowers that will soon emerge from the perennials I have planted over the years.  I think I am going to get creative and make a stepping stone for this corner garden…  I am also going to have to purchase a new birdhouse as the one that use to hang under the pine tree has taken many more a beating from those pesky but oh so cute squirrels with their fluffy tails, how can something       so adorable be so destructive just to get some seeds and nuts?!  They do not like to share…

I did have some help, or NOT, seems this helper was more interested in frockling in the flowers (good grief).

I took a few shots.  Not that there is much yet, a few sprouting plants.  Will post new pics as the weather gets warmer and more things start to pop up.  I will soon start to do some of my flower pots as well and will post some pics of those as well.  Would love to see pics of other peoples floral creativity, maybe I can get some ideas.  Have a lovely day!  😀