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Just added some great new NEON Winter Headbands to my collection that is available on the link below.  I know, spring is just around the corner, but really?  Winter just seems to have it’s claws into us and is just not letting go!  I don’t mind, a snowshoeing here I come…  a snowshoeing here I come…


Cool Ultra Warm NEON Winter Headbands. Reversible too!

Cool Ultra Warm NEON Winter Headbands. Reversible too!

Neon Pink - Neon Orange - Neon Purple - Neon Yellow - Neon Green.

Neon Pink – Neon Orange – Neon Purple – Neon Yellow – Neon Green.

Clothesline VS Dryer

What is your preference?  A clothesline or a dryer?  I live in a town where there is a “NO CLOTHESLINE” by-law.  Well!  Hmmmph!  I love clotheslines.  Using a clothesline, or drying rack of some sort, and there are soooooo many to choose from, keeps the quality of your clothes to last and feel like new,  they smell incredibly wonderful, and Hello??!! the environment!!  And sweet baby clothing washed in Ivory Snow and hung to dry on the clothesline, well what can I say, the scent is heaven!  

From: hgtv.ca

I think the world has come to a place where everything has to be done now, and who wants to wait for clothes to dry on a line when they can dry in the dryer so much quicker.  Maybe so, but that is to each’s own opinion right?  Dryers are obviously nice to have, but me myself, I do not use mine often.  Dryer sheets are not good for the environment either…  dryers ruin your clothes…eventually, lol.





From: urbanclotheslines.com

From: modernhouse.com

My opinion is that I do not think your town has a right to tell you that you cannot have a clothesline if you want one on your property.  I find it incredibly annoying and it kind of says the town does not mind to pollute the air and do damage to our environment, they are saying it is okay.  Towns need to  rethink this, a clothesline is an eyesore to them, well what is the world going to look like and feel like in the next 10-20 years?  I am sure the thought of that is eyesore enough.

Clotheslines are a positive impact and should be implemented in all towns, cities, suburbs etc…  The varieties of clotheslines and racks are endless, they are clean, they are neat and do not look messy, they are simple and do not have a mean thing about them.  

   This is a great idea!!
From: lifeontheclothesline.wordpress.com                

I think if the world did there part, and we all helped out in these little ways, global warming may be reduced.

Clothesline have minimal cost, you hang them for free, and there is no cost on your electric, or gas bill.







From: motherearthnews.com