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Plans To Build Your Very Own Floating Ping Pong Table

Ugh!  I have had NO NO NO time to blog, POO!  I miss my weekly posts.  I finally have a minute to post my newest item in my Etsy shop.  Plans on how to build your own floating ping pong table for your pool.  I have to say, this is one of the most USED pool items we have.  My poochie Phoebe even loves to get on it and float around hahahaha,  not to mention she goes crazy when the ping pong ball is going back and forth! (I posted photos quite some time ago).  I have had so many compliments about my pool toy that I decided to go ahead and make the plans so you can make your very own ping pong table for your pool.  The kids (and grown ups) will love it!


Biking0610 034Biking0610 041pingpongtable

Wedding Table Number Cards…

Finally finished all the wedding table number cards for my nieces wedding, which is in about 3 weeks.  Weddings certainly keep you busy with all the planning.  I don’t mind, I love to do crafty things and I love to help out.  I had 15 of these cards to complete.  I used a 15″ (inch) silver stand  that I purchased from Lions Deal Restaurant Supplies (on Amazon),  they were the best price, paying only $2.99US each.  Shipping was reasonable.  I used the 15″ stand because I wanted her guests to actually see the table numbers and not have to search for it on the table.  I also made the cards double sided with pictures and the table numbers, so on card number 1 for example, each side of the card has pictures with the table number  so it can be viewed from both sides  and all the guests get to see a picture.  I used the groom and brides pictures (black and white photos)  from young to date.  I purchased glittery black cards and cut them to size.   The glitter was annoying at times, because it falls off, but in the end I love the sparkly look of them, and when the light hits the glitter it looks amazing at night.  I made the silver metallic frames to go around each picture.  And I purchased pre-cut fancy frames for the number area, which I glued 2 together so I could have the numbers on each side.  I used silver embossed sticker numbers (Martha Stewart).  I lined the number frames with an edge of    silver metallic marker (permanent) and then I made a smaller fine line inside the silver one with  black marker (permanent), just to define it.  I think they turned out great!  They were pretty easy to make, if you have some patience and time.   (*Note:  Use a glue stick, as using regular liquid glue may result in the cardboard warping or bubbling).