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Collar Accessory

Have been in a sewing mood lately….  Today I made a pretty fashionable collar using fine Bridal Satins and Laces.  I think it’s pretty anyway, lol.  Available in my Etsy shop.  They called for rain today, which is why I sat myself down at my machine early.  It is looking sunny/cloudy with no sight of rain…yet.  I often wonder if those weathermen/women know what they are talking about?  I havesent a link for some weather entertainment below.   Hmmm what do I make next, my sewing machine is calling!


Fashion Collar Accessory. Light Coral color.

Fashion Collar Accessory.
Light Coral color.

A little weather humor from Canada for your entertainment, please watch this video “Rick Mercer Report”    🙂


All Things Pretty

This is a pretty lace gown I made for an 11.5″ doll.  Kind of a retro look, but definitely a classic!  I hope to add more pictures of my doll fashions.  Can you believe they sometimes take longer to make than an actual adult one!  LOL …  But I do love to make them.











Another style of gown I love creating is the “Marie-Antoinette” style gown.  Just love to make period gowns or medieval, so much fun!      




(You can see my gowns for sale at  http://www.etsy.com/shop/PeoniesCloset  ).