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All Cleaned Up

These past few weeks have been busy, mainly doing some indoor painting (because the weather has been nice and cool FOR ONCE!)  and I had to get the entryway finally finished since it’s remodel which was in the spring (Oooops! laziness can sometimes get the best of me, but the summer heat wave did not help either   :O   ).  I also wanted to spruce up my kitchen, was not happy with it’s former color of blue, I need a little more uplifting color in my life to make things a bit more bright and happy! Happy! Happy!   So I went with a yellow, how uplifting is that, everytime I go in my kitchen now I can’t be more “Happier”.  Maybe the cooking will be even better now, hahaha!

About a month ago I blogged about a major tree pruning and chopping that went on here and today was the day for “TREE PICK-UP”.  This past weekend we dragged all those cut down branches to the curb!  It was a lot of work, basically too0k us the entire day but am I happy to get rid of those things off my yard, was becoming an eyesore.  I felt like I was living in the land of the dead forest.  It amazed me that it took us about three days to get the trees pruned and cleared and these guys…

Hubba Bubba!

Eye Candy!    



















   All done in less than 15 minutes!   (the guys were not too bad to look at either).  The pile was approx. 60 feet long and about 3m high.   What was I doing wrong??!!  LOL!

Anyways,  glad it is all gone and finished with.  

I think I will be done for this season for doing some landscaping changes.  I may have a few things to get done before winter time arrives.  But next spring I will be finishing up the front area and laying down my new plans for the front and side walkways (gardens) and finishing the front area, where the “greshem” and “Snowmound” were removed and replanted in their new homes (and seem to be doing quite nicely, except for a few of them that do not look so good, sniff sniff).  There is just not enough time to get everything done, when you are doing everything else, right?  

So today is another beautiful day, perfect temperature for heading out once again to get those chairs  (chair) finished.  I hate sanding, I absolutely HATE it!  But unfortunately it is part of the process of making my vintage chairs “Gorgeous” once again.  I want to get at least two completed by end of weekend.  Some of the paint on them was so thick, ugh!  it takes forever to sand them off, I am using a paint remover also, otherwise I may be doing this until next year!  I am also looking around for some really nice fabrics to cover my chairs, not sure what I am decided on yet?  But it will come to me.

So here are a few shots of my decorating attempts for the entryway, still have the door frames and baseboards to get on (lord knows when that will get done??!)  and I am still on the hunt for 2 wall coat racks, just not finding what I want, so until something I see says “Buy me, you know you want me” I ain’t opening my wallet.   I may even take a try at making one, I mean really?  How hard can it be to make one?  I say until you try it, you will never know…

A few shots of the Before and After looks, awwww what color can do

Entryway “Before”

Entryway “Before”

Kitchen “Before”

Kitchen “Before”

Kitchen “Before”

Kitchen “Before”

Entryway “After”

Entryway “After”

Kitchen “After”

Kitchen “After”                                               







Garden Work, Yard Word… Lots Of Work!

Been very busy working on the front area of my yard, trying to spruce it up a little.   My bestie helped me out soooo much the past two weeks (he’s a doll!) while he was on vacation to boot (some vacation!)  such a sweetie!  We chopped and pruned trees for a few days, I can’t believe how much comes down and how much you are left with to send to recycle or compost.  Wow!  Was a big job and I know I am glad it’s done…. will only have to bring them to the curb for the chipper. I can’t wait for that to happen, looking at the piles here and there are becoming annoying, Ooops.

Before the “Tree pruning”

After the “Tree Pruning”… I can see my birdhouse now!!

We worked in the hot humid heat,  transplanting my “Greshem” and “Snowmound” bushes to make a more appealing landscape.  

You can actually see that I have a walkway and a porch now.  I think it’s much more welcoming, yet I still have my privacy if I choose to sit out front.

Transplanting 10 of those bushes was grueling work, I still have two more to get moved, but we are taking a break, LOL!  I redid the walkway, I like to do things myself, or at least if I think I can do it, I will most certainly try it.  I researched many “How To” sites, and doing the walkway was pretty much simple, lots of hard work but, when you do the work yourself, it is so much more rewarding.  Plus it’s saving you lots of CASSSSH!

I still have many areas to landscape and well “Make” a more attractive space.  It will take timenext my plan is to install a small simple pond where the bushes used to call home, I think a pond is so tranquil and it would make a lovely addition to the front porch area.  I will post pictures as soon as I can.  

Walkway and where the dirt is, my plan for the new pond 🙂

Bushes have all been moved to opposite side now, I will have a nice private garden area….Can’t wait

Blast Of A Day!

The weather was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !! today.  Was up early, 5:15am.  Did the usual routine crap and then it was off for a bike ride at 7:00am, woohoo it was the perfect day for it.  Cool temps this morning, just the way I like it for these kinds of activities, not to mention after the bike ride was stopping by the garden centre for bags of composted soil to start my small front yard rejuvenation.  I posted some before pics of what the front area looks like as of now and I will post more pics when I am done doing whatever has to be done, LOL!  

We started transplanting some “Greshem” and “Snowmound” bushes that had been planted about 5 years ago, oh geez they were a lot of work to get out and haul to their newly found places, but I am sure they will be more happy in their new spot.  So after close to 6 hours of work and many scratches and cuts later, we got 5 bushes done out of 10, Oooops.  Oh well guess Friday will be another day.  Right now it’s time for some poolside activities, or should I say some lounging on the lounge chair with a “Hampton Peach Razz Delight” drink on ice.  

“Whatchaaaaa doing?”

Can you spot the REAL Playboy Bunny ??!! 










Hampton Peach Razz Delight