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Halloween Once Again…

Halloweenie time again!  Seems it rolls around faster and faster every year.  I had an amazing weekend, Saturday was absolutely beautiful out so it was time to do my photo shoot with some fantastic models modeling  some of my costumes.

The fall backdrop was just gorgeous, and the warm weather just made it a perfect day.  Will have to start my Halloween decorating too, hmmmm maybe something scary for the kiddies…

Corpse Bride 4 piece ensemble.

Corpse Bride
4 piece ensemble.

costumes1 008costumes1 011costumes1 014costumes1 001costumes1 005

Woman's Pirate Costume Blue Velvet-Blue Satin Leather and Lace

Woman’s Pirate Costume
Blue Velvet-Blue Satin Leather and Lace

Woman's Gypsy Costume Velvet - Satin - Brocade
Woman’s Gypsy Costume
Velvet – Satin – Brocade

costumes 001

All my costumes are available at Etsy.com  my shop “Peonie’s Closet”

Week of Tole Painting

Once again it’s been a very busy week of painting, painting and more painting.  What can I say I love to paint!  I have been working on many items for my store “Peonie’s Closet” at Etsy.  I have completed some but still have yet to finish up others.  What I did get done is an address plaque, one of my favorite things, my “Cookie Box” in my cottage collection color and a cute easel and frame for displaying your child’s wonderful artwork.   I will have many more things to add to my shop shortly. 

I am still in the process of working on my vintage dining chairs, they are coming along but it is a long process and I need to prep them properly before I apply the NEW color to them.  I am getting excited to see the final product.

Amidst all of my painting projects, I am doing some small renovations indoors.  I am redoing my entryway and have been busy at Benjamin Moore deciding on what paint colours I want to use to transform that space.  It is not a huge space, but I know what I want it to look like and I think since the weather is cooperating once again I will start the priming and painting process this weekend.   The only thing I dread is sanding that gyprock, UGH!  and it is sooooo messy.  Cough, Cough!  Guess I will have to pick up a mask as well.   Then I will be moving onto the kitchen and hallway and living area, needs a new paint job and it will be nice to change things up a little.  

I have been on this decorating site called “Houzz”.   I absolutely love it, you can make your own idea books.  It’s a great place to get wonderful ideas.  I have been checking out the landscaping photos as well, wowwww, so many ideas, I could spend hours scrolling through the pages.  Great ideas for spaces small or large.  When I am ready to completely renovate the kitchen I know where to look for interesting looks.

Makes a great Wedding Favor filled with your own homemade cookies!

“Hydrangea” Address Sign / Plaque

Cottage Collection Frame & Easel with Seashell Embellishment.
(Artwork not icluded)

Wedding Bliss

So the day has finally come and gone, my nieces wedding day.  Wanted to share what I wore and where I purchased my dress (which I thought was stunning) and some hall pictures.  The wedding venue was at “Chateau Vaudreuil” in Vaudreuil, Quebec.  The weather was really quite horrible, and the ceremony being outside did not help.  But it was still great and thank goodness it did not rain even though all the women’s wonderful Doo’s for the day were blown to bits!  LOL!

Beautiful dress by YBridal, was really happy with all the details, very comfortable. Taffetta fabric with beautiful rosettes in front and back and lovely sequin and stone details. 😀


Dress by YBRIDAL (www.ybridal.com)
Jewelry by: LE CHATEAU (www.lechateau.com)
Shoes by: ALDO SHOES (www.aldoshoes.com)

Shoes (Aldo) – Jewelry (Le Chateau)




Love the Mr. & Mrs. Chair Ribbons!

Dark Chocolate Hershey Kisses Filled Boxes

Wedding Gowns Galore

My how it must be so difficult for brides to choose a bridal gown these days.  My niece is getting married, and it was fun looking at all the dresses that were available in the beginning, but later on it became stressful, Oooops.  She did find one an it is beautiful!!   I was surprised to see that “BEBE” now has bridal gowns for sale.  I just had to post pics of my favorite ones…  (sorry I couldn’t make the pictures bigger  😦   Bebe Bridal).

  This dress reminds me of a

  princess style, I love the overlay.


                                                                                                                                 This dress is a classic, simple and elegant, the lace is divine and  it reminds me of Grace Kelly.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Finally that mermaid style gown many Brides  looks for.  I think

it’s stunning, sexy and fun!