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Gears Of War Crazy

I am a crazed fan of Gears of War.  I love it,  love it, love it.  It is probably my favorite video game, I do play others but I find myself reverting back to Gears, always.  New to video gaming about a year ago, I have probably indulged in over 400 hours of playing…Oooops  😀

I have all three Gear games and I am sure all you other Gears fans alike, know that Gears Of War 4 “Judgement”, is about to be released March 19, 2013 Wooohoooo I can’t wait to get it.  I have been reading a few reviews here and there,  that  Gears “Judgement” doesn’t quite play the same when everyone is out for blood.  Lifespan is short but quick to respawn.  Controls have also changed slightly but for the better.  I am still learning in Gears three and my lifespan has never been long, I am not the best player out there that’s for sure, but I have fun trying to blast my opponent’s head off with my gnasher!  Is that sick or what??!   All in all I will most likely be in line purchasing “Judgement” when it hits the store March 19 next year, and dishing out the fee of $60.00 + (I am sure it will be around this price) will be absolutely fine by me. 

Gears Of War 4 “Judgement”