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 I will try to make this “ABOUT” short and sweet.  I am here to share my ideas.  Ideas I have and   of  course the ideas I see and discover on the internet (and the mention of who’s idea it is).  I think  I am a very creative person.

–  I paint  (Tole Painting, Canvas Painting, Wall Painting, well anykind of painting really).

–  I cook and bake  (if it looks good I will eat it).

–  I garden  (my thumb may not be the greenest but it certainly isn’t the brownest).

–  I am an Interior and Exterior Decorator  (I like my ideas and I think someone else has to right?  Someone??  Anyone??).

–  I am a seamstress  (Costumes, Fashions/Clothing, Barbie Fashions… you name it,  I can sew it, so stay out of my way or you may become an accessory to a fabric).

–  I am a Party Thrower  (yes,  a party thrower, party goer, party mower…  I throw great parties, especially for kids!).

–  I am a Crafter  ( I will craft anything, from paper, tin, metal to wood, glass, ceramic.  Did I miss anything?).

–  I am a Biker, A skier, A snowshoer,  and much more cuz I am energetic and like to move…

Well the list goes on, but I don’t want to give away too much of myself.   If I see something I like, have or want, I will boast about it here on my blog.  I don’t get anything for it.  I just like to let everyone know what “I like”,  what “I want” and what makes me the person I am.  I will also Boast about the things I don’t like  (I think that is just as important).   I am very simple and I like simple things. The glass, even though half empty is always half full to me.  😀 

Everyday is a new bright day and I can’t wait to see what everyday brings.

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