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Flowers do a Garden Good

Awww such a delight to see the flowers in bloom, and more buds appearing in the garden pathways.  I don’t know, but I think all this rain has been nice for my garden beds, I sure have been lucky to have gotten away with dragging the hose about so far.  Can’t wait for my peonie’s to show their flowery blooms ( my favorite!).  The phlox, the grasses, the lilies poking their heads getting ready to show off their fiery orange petals.

   Pretty in Pink

We made a mosaic stepping stone a little over a month ago, and we have now added it to Hillary’s Garden.  So pretty  😀

I have a variety of hostas in several of my gardens.  They are more of a shade loving plant, and usually they have long stem like flowers that bloom

later in the summer. 

These guys really enjoy my hostas too….  Oh they can be so annoying nipping at the leaves for their daily snack,  BUT they are so CUTE!!


Celebrity Apprentice…Arsenio??

Well as you know Arsenio Hall won Celebrity Apprentice 2012.   I was not voting for him, I think Clay Aiken would have been a better choice, but hey that is just my opinion.  I was going for Lisa Lampanelli until she got axed by the Don.  Geez, and for being emotional??  I believe Arsenio was emotional more than a few times, right?  Okay Okay I know, being realistic, Lisa does have a mouth on her, but firing her for crying in the boardroom when Arsenio himself did it as well?  Hmmm?

Cafe Cappuccino Ice Cap

Another great summer drink I like to make is the Iced Coffee Drink.  If you are a coffee lover, and are in need to cool off on a hot summer day, try these.  I think homemade are the best!


–   1 Cup Cold Black Coffee  (brewed is best, you can adjust how light or dark you like it by adding more or less coffee).

–   3/4 Cup Cream 15%  (you can use half and half, 10%, even milk or skim milk, your drink will just not be as rich or thick).

–   2 Tblsp. Sugar (you can use more or less, depends how sweet you want your drink)

–   Lots of ice!

–   Some whipped topping.  Makes about 4 servings (6 if they are not too big!)

In a Blender, add the first four ingredients.  Use the ice crush setting and then blend.  Pour into prepared glasses and top with a dollop of whipped topping.   Awwww heaven….

Mojito’s For Kids Parties

For my Survivor themed kids party last weekend, I made up a batch of Mojito’s (Of course with NO Alcohol, although at 2:00 in the morning listening to the noise they were making in the tents, I think my neighbours wished I would have put a shot or two of rum in the drinks, maybe they would have slept better!  Ooops hahaha).  I used cute little blue martini glasses (plastic, no injuries here),  the girls loved them, they were asking for more!


–  7-up or Sprite 2Litre Bottle

–  Our Finest Mojito Mocktail  (3 Cans 250ml each)

  about 3 cups ice

–   Sliced Limes

–   Mint Leaves

Put the first three ingredients in a blender and blend, you can use the ice crusher setting first and then blend.  Pour into your prepared glasses and top with a sliced lime and mint leaf, awwww so refreshing and citrus on a hot day!      🙂


Party Games Survivor Style

We had a “Survivor” Themed Party here last weekend.  I just wanted to share a game that I crafted up, a game that we are all familiar with,  adults and kids alike.   The Memory game, survivor style.  I am sure we have all seen the “Survivor Memory Game” played on the television series, although that game is more technical in it’s layout, this game is more simple and you can do it right at home!  


–   Black foam cardboard (the pieces you need depends on how many boards you want to make.  I cut my boards to 11″x9.25″  inches).

–   Shipping Tape in Clear (it’s easier if you have a tape gun, and this step is optional)

–   Colour Printed Photos (the same size as your board, and you need 2 of each design.  I went with a survivor theme for picture choices).

–   Glue Stick  


Cut out all your boards.  You can make them bigger, you can make them smaller, it’s all up to you.  Just make sure they are all the same size.  Cut out all your pictures to the same size as the boards.  (I had 24 pictures in total).   Glue each picture with the glue stick to the foam board.  If you are not using the shipping tape, you will have to use quite a bit of the glue stick to make sure the pictures are glue properly to the board.  When the boards are completely dry, I carefully taped the entire board with shipping tape, front and back, this protects my “Memory Game” for many future uses at other parties.   It is less costly than having them plasticized (which is another good idea).  When setting up your game, remember to either set up the boards facing down all horizontally or all vertically.  I played this game in teams, our survivor party had “Two Camps”, each team was timed, and whoever completed the game the fastest, WON!  

This is a great easy game that everyone has fun with.  You can always change your pictures to match whatever theme you are doing. 

Chirp, Chirp… Tweet, Tweet…

I was so happy I FINALLY had some visitors to my new “Birdhouses”.  Purchased last week, I was beginning to think none of the birdies liked my new homes  😦

 So this morning I was surprised to see both of the homes were happily feeding some new visitors .


If only these guys would learn to share…

Bags By WILL

I have to say this is going to be one of my “Favorite” items this year.  These gorgeous bags from  WILL LEATHER GOODS (An Adler Family Co.) are  just beautiful.  I love the look of the bag, they have that old vintage look, a bag you just want to throw over your shoulder not just for it’s style and excellent use, but because you know the comfort it is going to have and the feeling it is going to give you.    The two bags pictured were purchased by a friend and he had to come and show them off to me! They are simply gorgeous.  The larger Navajo styled bag has a cool distressed leather strap, is the perfect weekend bag.  The smaller bag in a khaki color with tan straps, has a bit of a weathered look, great everyday bag.   

I had to take some pictures of them in the garden .   I think they are HOT!