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Garden Work, Yard Word… Lots Of Work!

Been very busy working on the front area of my yard, trying to spruce it up a little.   My bestie helped me out soooo much the past two weeks (he’s a doll!) while he was on vacation to boot (some vacation!)  such a sweetie!  We chopped and pruned trees for a few days, I can’t believe how much comes down and how much you are left with to send to recycle or compost.  Wow!  Was a big job and I know I am glad it’s done…. will only have to bring them to the curb for the chipper. I can’t wait for that to happen, looking at the piles here and there are becoming annoying, Ooops.

Before the “Tree pruning”

After the “Tree Pruning”… I can see my birdhouse now!!

We worked in the hot humid heat,  transplanting my “Greshem” and “Snowmound” bushes to make a more appealing landscape.  

You can actually see that I have a walkway and a porch now.  I think it’s much more welcoming, yet I still have my privacy if I choose to sit out front.

Transplanting 10 of those bushes was grueling work, I still have two more to get moved, but we are taking a break, LOL!  I redid the walkway, I like to do things myself, or at least if I think I can do it, I will most certainly try it.  I researched many “How To” sites, and doing the walkway was pretty much simple, lots of hard work but, when you do the work yourself, it is so much more rewarding.  Plus it’s saving you lots of CASSSSH!

I still have many areas to landscape and well “Make” a more attractive space.  It will take timenext my plan is to install a small simple pond where the bushes used to call home, I think a pond is so tranquil and it would make a lovely addition to the front porch area.  I will post pictures as soon as I can.  

Walkway and where the dirt is, my plan for the new pond 🙂

Bushes have all been moved to opposite side now, I will have a nice private garden area….Can’t wait

Blast Of A Day!

The weather was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !! today.  Was up early, 5:15am.  Did the usual routine crap and then it was off for a bike ride at 7:00am, woohoo it was the perfect day for it.  Cool temps this morning, just the way I like it for these kinds of activities, not to mention after the bike ride was stopping by the garden centre for bags of composted soil to start my small front yard rejuvenation.  I posted some before pics of what the front area looks like as of now and I will post more pics when I am done doing whatever has to be done, LOL!  

We started transplanting some “Greshem” and “Snowmound” bushes that had been planted about 5 years ago, oh geez they were a lot of work to get out and haul to their newly found places, but I am sure they will be more happy in their new spot.  So after close to 6 hours of work and many scratches and cuts later, we got 5 bushes done out of 10, Oooops.  Oh well guess Friday will be another day.  Right now it’s time for some poolside activities, or should I say some lounging on the lounge chair with a “Hampton Peach Razz Delight” drink on ice.  

“Whatchaaaaa doing?”

Can you spot the REAL Playboy Bunny ??!! 










Hampton Peach Razz Delight







Nacho Addict

I am sure you are all familiar with those of you that have furry pets (or not so furry) with their over the top personalities.  I have posted pics of my cutie “Pheobe” in the past , although she can at times be NOT so cute with her BIG personality, especially when it comes to her not getting what she wants, and Pheobe can be quite the crankster when she doesn’t get her nibble of nachos.

Take a look…

In Need of a Facelift?

So here is the picture of all the chairs that I really hope to work on this upcoming week, that is if the weather cooperates with it’s much nicer cooler sunny days.  The humidity the last few weeks has been horrendous!  And since this is an outdoor project, I am looking forward to not so hot days.  These chairs really need some TLC, okay okay so they REALLY need a facelift, uhaul whatever you want to call it, but they certainly have seen their days, but after I am done with them, they will see many more days to come.  I plan to use a shabby chic painted look, not too much just to enhance them a bit.  Not sure about colours yet, but when I get to that I will figure it out, if anyone has any ideas, they are most certainly welcome …  (I wonder how many butts have sat on these chairs LOL!).   So stay tuned for an updated, shabby chic look.

Ugh!   these are going to take more work than I am anticipating! ……  Ya Think!?

Painting Frenzy

Back in the workshop this week painting like a crazy person.  The weather has taken a turn from hot and horribly humid to absolutely divine.  Perfect weather for painting and getting a few of my things in the shop.  I will be taken out some old vintage chairs I purchased a while back and will start the long process of removing old chipped paint, can’t wait to see what they will look like after they have had their face lift, hahaha.  I will post before and after pictures of the chairs.

Just a few pics of my newly added items to Peonie’s Closet.

Cottage Collection Box Frames with shell detail

Cottage Collection Napkin Holder                    





Veggie & Pasta Salad

Another weekend of somewhere to go…. geez when will it end?  I have been busy with either weddings, or BBQ’s every weekend, I don’t know which way to look!  So tomorrow I have another BBQ,  and I have been asked to bring a side.  My option is always something healthy but something very tasty.  It’s summertime, so a veggie salad it is.  I find in summertime I am never really hungry for a huge meal, or really any kind of meat.   Salads are always one of my favorites and very satisfying for me.  I have made this recipe many times before and this time it is a vegetarian version.  It is very simple to make and I am sure many of you will have all the ingredients needed on hand.

Sorry, the serving dish is not so attractive 😦
But it was the biggest bowl I could find, Oooops.

Veggie & Rotini Pasta Salad

–  1  Box Rotini (or other shaped)  Pasta, Cooked

–  1  Large Broccoli, cut, small flowerets  (discard stems, or compost them)

–  1  Red Pepper, Diced

–  1  Yellow Pepper, Diced

–  1  Small Red Onion, Diced

–  About 1 to 1  1/2 Cups Shredded Carrots

–  5  Celery Stems, Sliced thin

–  1  can Mixed Legumes (Rinsed in cold water).

–  1  can Baby Corn (Rinsed in cold water), cut up

–  1 small can Peaches & Cream Kernel Corn (Rinsed in cold water)

–  1 Cup Cranberries  (I used the sweetened variety)

–  1 container Feta Cheese, sliced 

–  1 small bottle Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing  (use about half the bottle)

–  Fresh Cracked Black Pepper 

METHOD:   Cook the rotini, I do not cook the pasta too long, I like it a bit hard.  Overcooking the pasta makes it very starchy, yuck!   Once the pasta is cooked, drain in a colander and run cold water over it until the pasta is cold.  Drain all the water from it and put into a large serving bowl.  Next prepare all your veggies and add them to the pasta bowl and mix well.  Add the following,  Mixed Legumes, Baby Corn, Kernel Corn, Cranberries, Feta Cheese and now add the dressing and stir well to combine.  Add a little or a lot of the cracked pepper depending on how you like it and refrigerate.  Is best to refrigerate overnight so all the flavors can really combine themselves.

This is a great starter salad and many things can be added to it.  Tuna is great (I have posted a similar recipe in earlier times)  and also some grilled chicken cut up, for the meat eaters.  Just go crazy and get imaginative with your salads, they do a body good!  🙂

Clothesline VS Dryer

What is your preference?  A clothesline or a dryer?  I live in a town where there is a “NO CLOTHESLINE” by-law.  Well!  Hmmmph!  I love clotheslines.  Using a clothesline, or drying rack of some sort, and there are soooooo many to choose from, keeps the quality of your clothes to last and feel like new,  they smell incredibly wonderful, and Hello??!! the environment!!  And sweet baby clothing washed in Ivory Snow and hung to dry on the clothesline, well what can I say, the scent is heaven!  


I think the world has come to a place where everything has to be done now, and who wants to wait for clothes to dry on a line when they can dry in the dryer so much quicker.  Maybe so, but that is to each’s own opinion right?  Dryers are obviously nice to have, but me myself, I do not use mine often.  Dryer sheets are not good for the environment either…  dryers ruin your clothes…eventually, lol.






My opinion is that I do not think your town has a right to tell you that you cannot have a clothesline if you want one on your property.  I find it incredibly annoying and it kind of says the town does not mind to pollute the air and do damage to our environment, they are saying it is okay.  Towns need to  rethink this, a clothesline is an eyesore to them, well what is the world going to look like and feel like in the next 10-20 years?  I am sure the thought of that is eyesore enough.

Clotheslines are a positive impact and should be implemented in all towns, cities, suburbs etc…  The varieties of clotheslines and racks are endless, they are clean, they are neat and do not look messy, they are simple and do not have a mean thing about them.  

   This is a great idea!!

I think if the world did there part, and we all helped out in these little ways, global warming may be reduced.

Clothesline have minimal cost, you hang them for free, and there is no cost on your electric, or gas bill.