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Tiki Themed Card Box

Made a card box this weekend for an engagement party.  The theme was Hawaiian, so I went with a Tiki looking box.  I purchased a sturdy box from the dollar store with a removable lid.  Cutting the “slot” was a little difficult, but I managed.  I wrapped the box and the lid in burlap and secured it with glue.  I also glued two pretty shells to the lid.  I purchased two lei’s and cut the string. With the loose petals I attached several together to make a more full flower and sewed a few stitches, this made it so much quicker to just have one big flower to glue to the box lid.  I then glued one jeweled stone to the center of the flower.  I also purchased some bamboo sticks, they were great and so easy to cut.  Glue the bamboo pieces to the box and Voilà!  My Tiki Themed Card Box at a small cost of $12.06 and took about 2 hours to make… Woohoo!

Tiki Card Box

Tiki Card Box

Week of Tole Painting

Once again it’s been a very busy week of painting, painting and more painting.  What can I say I love to paint!  I have been working on many items for my store “Peonie’s Closet” at Etsy.  I have completed some but still have yet to finish up others.  What I did get done is an address plaque, one of my favorite things, my “Cookie Box” in my cottage collection color and a cute easel and frame for displaying your child’s wonderful artwork.   I will have many more things to add to my shop shortly. 

I am still in the process of working on my vintage dining chairs, they are coming along but it is a long process and I need to prep them properly before I apply the NEW color to them.  I am getting excited to see the final product.

Amidst all of my painting projects, I am doing some small renovations indoors.  I am redoing my entryway and have been busy at Benjamin Moore deciding on what paint colours I want to use to transform that space.  It is not a huge space, but I know what I want it to look like and I think since the weather is cooperating once again I will start the priming and painting process this weekend.   The only thing I dread is sanding that gyprock, UGH!  and it is sooooo messy.  Cough, Cough!  Guess I will have to pick up a mask as well.   Then I will be moving onto the kitchen and hallway and living area, needs a new paint job and it will be nice to change things up a little.  

I have been on this decorating site called “Houzz”.   I absolutely love it, you can make your own idea books.  It’s a great place to get wonderful ideas.  I have been checking out the landscaping photos as well, wowwww, so many ideas, I could spend hours scrolling through the pages.  Great ideas for spaces small or large.  When I am ready to completely renovate the kitchen I know where to look for interesting looks.

Makes a great Wedding Favor filled with your own homemade cookies!

“Hydrangea” Address Sign / Plaque

Cottage Collection Frame & Easel with Seashell Embellishment.
(Artwork not icluded)

Driving me carazzzzzy

This weather is driving me carazzzy!  I have come to the conclusion that I must wake up at 4:30am to get some outside chores done.  The weather is just too unbearable after 11:00am, and when is it going to rain???   The poor rivers….  they are so sunken and low, the water looks muddy and mucky, poor little frogs and duckies and whatever else is living in there.  Although I do love a sunny day I have just about had it with this humidity and sun, sun, sun.  I WANT IT TO RAIN!!!   

Now I know how roasted chickens feel :O

Getting up early has it’s benefits,  no one else is awake, it’s quiet, you hear everything so clearly, the birds, the crickets, the ants (okay not the ants)…  it is actually so peaceful, I enjoyed watering my garden (ever so slightly with this drought, but I transplanted bushes so I just had to, Oooops) in the quiet of the early morning, it was kinda dark, I noticed it’s darker now, hmmm fall is coming (yeayyyy).  I love the fall, cooler weather, pumpkins and Halloween…   

I worked on a few chairs this morning, sanding away like a nutball, even in this heat, happy I did it.  The mornings are kind of cool, nice and breezy.  I will soon have them painted or stained, maybe add a cool looking cushion and they will be available for purchase in my Esty shop “Peonie’s Closet”.  This week has been a painting week, started a cool mailbox and address sign.  Hope to have it done by the end of the weekend.  I have also gotten a cookie box completed, and started many other projects.  It was a good productive week.  Awww yes the benefits of getting up early and catching the worm,  however this is sure to be me at 2:00pm  hehehehe


Painting Frenzy

Back in the workshop this week painting like a crazy person.  The weather has taken a turn from hot and horribly humid to absolutely divine.  Perfect weather for painting and getting a few of my things in the shop.  I will be taken out some old vintage chairs I purchased a while back and will start the long process of removing old chipped paint, can’t wait to see what they will look like after they have had their face lift, hahaha.  I will post before and after pictures of the chairs.

Just a few pics of my newly added items to Peonie’s Closet.

Cottage Collection Box Frames with shell detail

Cottage Collection Napkin Holder                    





Party Invitation Ideas

Just wanted to share some Party Invitation ideas that I have done over the years.  I just recently did the Survivor Theme.  I like hand making my invitations, I just think it is more personal, more creative and a lot of fun to do!  You can get the kids involved as well, I mean it is THEIR Party isn’t it!  LOL!

Hawaiin Party
Survivor Party
Red Carpet Event
Halloween Bash

Wedding Table Number Cards…

Finally finished all the wedding table number cards for my nieces wedding, which is in about 3 weeks.  Weddings certainly keep you busy with all the planning.  I don’t mind, I love to do crafty things and I love to help out.  I had 15 of these cards to complete.  I used a 15″ (inch) silver stand  that I purchased from Lions Deal Restaurant Supplies (on Amazon),  they were the best price, paying only $2.99US each.  Shipping was reasonable.  I used the 15″ stand because I wanted her guests to actually see the table numbers and not have to search for it on the table.  I also made the cards double sided with pictures and the table numbers, so on card number 1 for example, each side of the card has pictures with the table number  so it can be viewed from both sides  and all the guests get to see a picture.  I used the groom and brides pictures (black and white photos)  from young to date.  I purchased glittery black cards and cut them to size.   The glitter was annoying at times, because it falls off, but in the end I love the sparkly look of them, and when the light hits the glitter it looks amazing at night.  I made the silver metallic frames to go around each picture.  And I purchased pre-cut fancy frames for the number area, which I glued 2 together so I could have the numbers on each side.  I used silver embossed sticker numbers (Martha Stewart).  I lined the number frames with an edge of    silver metallic marker (permanent) and then I made a smaller fine line inside the silver one with  black marker (permanent), just to define it.  I think they turned out great!  They were pretty easy to make, if you have some patience and time.   (*Note:  Use a glue stick, as using regular liquid glue may result in the cardboard warping or bubbling).



Ahhhh weddings,  my lovely niece is to marry this June and I have been busily crafting her table number cards.  This is what has been keeping me buzzzzzy today.  Running in and out getting this and that, and back out again because I am so organized, Not…  well not lately anyways.   As soon as I am done I will post a pic of how they turned out.  I must say I am pretty impressed with myself, considering I have 15 to do….  and I am only on number 4  Ooops!  GET BACK TO WORK!!  LOL

Have a great day everyone in blog land!